Course Pilot: Digital Marketing Strategy

Most digital marketing training teaches disconnected tactics that aren't grounded in a cohesive strategy. In this course, you will learn an organizing strategic framework to build more cohesive, effective campaigns.

John has more than 20 years experience leading digital marketing strategy for brands like Travelocity, Walmart, Chick-fil-A, Chrysler, The Home Depot, Dr. Pepper and many more.

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    How to Set Goals

    Great strategy starts with defining the right goals and measureable objectives. Yet most marketers get it wrong. We'll talk about the right way to approach.

    Organizing Framework

    Learn the one digital marketing strategy framework you can apply to any business, any campaign and see better results than most marketers.

    Campaign Swipe Files

    See marketers that are doing it and get examples of the images, videos and copy that can bring your strategies to life.